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 Enormous Potential for Iowa as an Energy Storage Leader

As Iowa continues the transition to clean energy resources, the ability to store renewable generation for use when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow will be essential for achieving a carbon-free electrical grid. Storage can help create a more resilient energy system, minimizing the interruptions from climate-induced extreme weather events which are expected to occur more frequently. With expanding storage technology and the rapidly declining costs of storage, more utility, commercial, and personal applications are being realized in Iowa.

IEC recently compiled an Energy Storage Fact Sheet to better depict the state of the storage landscape here in Iowa. Review the fact sheet today for an overview of available technology, Iowa's storage potential, and what projects are already in the works across the state. 


Energy News 

Iowa's 2021 Legislative Session Wraps

After three weeks of overtime, the 2021 legislative session came to a close last Wednesday, May 19. Look for a comprehensive recap, including a final bill tracker, in the coming weeks. 

Much to the disappointment of the IEC Energy Program, legislators did not advance a bill that would have preserved and expanded the State Solar Investment Tax Credit for Iowans. 

The popular credit, which was historically underfunded and oversubscribed, will now phase out at the end of 2021, leaving nearly 2,000 Iowans without the credit they were promised when they invested in their solar project. Expect a more detailed explanation from us of what this inaction means for Iowa's solar industry in near future.

Iowa's Renewable Hydrogen Potential

While the concept isn't exactly new, hydrogen is recapturing the attention of clean energy advocates as a viable technology to help us decarbonize fuel sources beyond electricity.

Historically, hydrogen production relied almost exclusively on fossil fuels. With advancements in technology, production can now be accomplished using renewable resources.

Iowa is one of the best states in terms of renewable hydrogen potential because of access to low-cost solar and wind power and our state's demand for carbon-free fuel and ammonia production. Learn more on this topic in IEC Organizational Member Ideal Energy's three-part series exploring the potential for the renewable hydrogen economy in Iowa.


Wapello, Iowa in Louisa County became home to the state’s largest solar project in March of this year. The installation covers 800 acres and can power 20,000 homes. But with more solar on the way, it won’t be Iowa’s largest solar project for very long.

 IEC and 100% Iowa Events

IEC Webinar - Coal Plants: The Price Iowans Pay  

Holding MidAmerican and Alliant accountable for continuing to run dirty, expensive, and unnecessary coal-fired power plants.

All the Iowa coal generation in 2020 was excess generation and not needed. This generation negatively affects Iowan’s health and economy. It is time for MidAmerican Energy and Alliant Energy to be accountable to their customers.

Join IEC on Wednesday, June 16 at 11:30 AM to explore this topic for the first in a three-part webinar series looking at excess coal generation here in Iowa.

Upcoming Energy Events

5/27 - Intersectional Justice - Conversations on Race, Climate, And Community-Centered Justice Series, EarthJustice

6/2 - Lunch & Learn with Green Iowa AmeriCorps, Clayton County Energy District

6/2 - Webinar - Biogas Digestion and Production, Iowa Learning Farms

6/2 - Informational Meetings on Permitting Process for Utility-Scale Solar Projects, Linn County

6/8 - Gazette Business Breakfast: Power Grid of the Future, The Gazette

6/16 - IEC Webinar - Coal Plants: The Price Iowans Pay 

6/16 - Electric Vehicles: Get Ready, Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities

6/30 - Preparing for the Future with IAMU's Electric Vehicle Toolkit - Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities

Have an upcoming event we don't have listed here? Send it to us at iecmail@iaenvironment.org 

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